warning Contains:

Blood, gore, sex, pain, transformation

The Blood of the Covenant

Blake didn’t believe in vampires. Or, so she told herself. However, accepting an offer from the weird goth girl in her biochem class to meet “real vampires” had been a lot easier in the light of day on a crowded college campus. Now that she was stuffed into an ancient Jeep Cherokee bouncing down dirt roads beneath a dark canopy of autumn trees, Blake wasn’t so sure agreeing had been the best idea.

Too late to turn back now. Blake hazarded a look at the car door next to her: locked tight, and they were going so fast that getting out wouldn’t end much better. She gripped her jacket and sat back. Another bump sent her flying off the seat before landing back down with a thump and cry of pain. The goth girl in the driver’s seat didn’t seem to notice.

“Are we getting close to, um, wherever it is we’re going?” Blake asked, rubbing her head.

Given the goth’s silence, Blake didn’t figure that she’d answer. And at first she didn’t, so Blake almost jumped when the girl looked up and replied, “Very close.”

The Jeep took a turn on two wheels, sped through a grove of trees, and emerged into a clearing under a dome of stars. The car ground its way up a gravel drive towards a collection of buildings that Blake took a moment to realize was a mansion. The haphazard structure looked to have been built with different styles and shapes stretching back ages. A couple lights burned in the misshapen windows.

The goth girl parked the car and shut off the engine, bathing them both in darkness. She turned to Blake. “Are you ready?”

Blake gulped and ran a shaking hand through her hair. “Do I have a choice?”

“A choice? Of course,” the girl said. She looked at Blake with concern. “Did you think I was kidnapping you?”

With a soft laugh, Blake could feel her face turning red. “Well, I mean, you kinda drove me all the way out here in the middle of the night so…”

The girl opened the car door and stepped out. “I live here,” she said. “You’re welcome to stay away; I can drive you back or get you an Uber.” She smiled and flashed her teeth, which for a second Blake could swear had two large fangs. “But I promise you’ll have a lot more fun here.”

Blake hesitated, then opened the car door and got out. She wiped her hands on her jeans and grimaced at the sweat. Her blouse was sticky and stuck to her body. The goth girl walked over to her and held a hand out. “Don’t worry, I was nervous my first time too,” she said. “I’m Jenny, by the way.”

She took Jenny’s hand. “Blake.”

There was a point where Blake figured she should have let go of her hand, but when Jenny led her into the house and started walking her down a couple hallways Blake held on. Jenny didn’t seem to mind. From her vantage point, Blake also couldn’t help but notice that in the light of the mansion Jenny’s tight black jeans and blood red heels made for a view that she couldn’t complain about. She smiled.

The hallways of the mansion grew longer and narrower the further they went on. Blake began to breathe heavily. She could have sworn that this place was smaller on the outside, but tried to dismiss the thought. Instead, she flapped her shirt to try to get some air and promptly ran into Jenny’s rear with a startled cry.

“We’re here,” Jenny said as if she didn’t notice. She pointed to a large, red door. “You still want to see vampires, right?”

Blake stood up and dusted herself off. “I mean, I kinda figured that was a come on, not-”

“Do you or do you not?” Jenny insisted. Her voice was soft, but her grip on Blake’s hand was like a vice. “You must choose.”

“Okay, I get it,” Blake said. “Yeah, I want to. I mean if this isn’t some, like, elaborate prank or whatever and everyone from class is going to jump out.”

Jenny responded with a smile. She twisted the doorknob and ushered Blake into a new room deeper into the mansion. Unlike the others, which had been defined by low ceilings and cramped passages, this room was expansive and at least a couple stories tall. The only way Blake could tell they were deep inside the building was the lack of windows.

If there had been an idea of what a vampire’s lair would look like in her mind before, Blake was sure this wasn’t it. The room was well lit and covered in shag carpeting. Bean bags, couches, and recliners were arrayed in a semi-circle around a huge media center with multiple televisions and every model of game console Blake had ever seen. Elsewhere around the room was a shining kitchenette, a pockmarked pool table, and huge stacks of books.

Jenny let go of Blake’s hand and bounced over to a red leather couch. On it lay a woman who looked no older than thirty dressed in a pink hoodie, sweatpants, and her messy black hair tied up with a purple scrunchie. She was working her way through a book with dozens of colored tabs sticking out of the pages. Not exactly vampire material, Blake figured. The only other person in the room that Blake could see was a boy about her age on a recliner with dark hair, dark eyes, and wearing nothing but a sweater and socks.

While Blake stood at the entrance to the room, Jenny whispered in the woman’s ear. She couldn’t tell what they were saying, but Blake knew it was about her when the two kept staring her way. Finally, the woman closed her book and rose with Jenny to make her way over to Blake.

Blake kept her hands to her side and tried not to stare. Her face flushed. Dammit, how could this girl look curvier and hotter than her in clothes like that? She clenched her fists and closed her eyes until she could tell the woman was standing in front of her.

“What do we have here?” she said with a giggle. “Don’t tell me you brought another shrinking violet to me, Jennifer.”

Jenny crossed her arms over her chest. “She’s more spirited in class, I swear! I think she’s just nervous her first time.”

The woman rolled her eyes and turned to Blake. “Do you have a name?” she asked. “Speak, girl.”

“Blake Aneska, ma’am,” Blake said. She blinked and smacked her lips. Her mouth had said the words without her telling it to. “What the fuck?”

“Charming,” the woman purred and scratched her chin. “Nice to meet you, Blake. My name is unimportant, but you may call me Lady Bless.” Her eyes flashed. “Do so, now.”

“Yes, Lady Bless,” Blake blurted out again. She slapped both hands over her mouth and narrowed her eyes.

Lady Bless doubled over laughing and slapped her knee. “Oh, Jennifer, you were right! Just a little manipulation and this one looks like she wants to put her hands around my throat.” She composed herself again and flashed Blake a smile bearing two large fangs. “Just a trick, dear, nothing more.”

Blake lowered her hands, but the glare stayed. “A vampire trick?”

“Duh. It’s just a little puppetry, don’t take it so seriously.”

Jenny stepped in and held up her hands. “See, Blake, you were wondering if this was a prank but you can see it’s not, right? Well, I mean, besides the y’know…” She lifted her lip to show off fangs, looking sharper and longer than they had before. “Besides those.”

“Uh-huh,” Blake said and stepped back. Her hands shook. “I don’t suppose this is the part where the both of you start drinking my blood, is it?”

“Why, are you into that?” Lady Bless asked, then howled when Blake jumped. “Oh come on, I’m just fucking with you. All you humans are down for it.” She turned and curled a finger at Blake. “But no, I want to know more about the girl Jennifer brought for me. Let’s sit.”

Without meaning to, Blake followed right after Lady Bless to the couch. When she sat down, Blake sat beside her closer than she ever would have normally. She shivered.

“Is it bothering you to have me puppeting you?” Lady Bless asked once she had situated herself. She chewed on one end of her hoodie’s drawstring. “Most people we bring here are into that shit.”

Blake looked down at her thighs. “I think I was misled about why I was coming here. I thought Jenny was just saying all this stuff to be cool, not to take me to her vampire mistress or whatever.”

“I think you’re right,” Lady Bless said. She stroked Blake’s head through her hair, making her shiver. “Too bad though, you’re cute. If you want to go back we won’t stop you, but if you’ve made it this far why not stay?”

Blake didn’t say anything, but she didn’t leave either. “And if I stay, what are we going to do?” she asked.

Lady Bless shrugged and pointed towards the numerous remotes on a coffee table in front of them. “We could watch just about anything you want. We could read. I can get Jennifer to make us tea. Or…we can talk about you.” Her lips curled into a smile. “More specifically, what we can do for you.”

“Why do you want to do anything with me?” Blake asked. “I’m a rando that Jenny asked over here and took the bait. Aren’t you supposed to, like, eat me?”

“Only after a few dates first,” Lady Bless said and Jenny snickered. “But no, you aren’t a ‘rando’ if you made it this far. I ask Jennifer to bring me those she feels might make a good fit for our little…club. If she brought you here, she must have watched you for weeks or more to try to determine if you were a good candidate.”

Jenny bowed. “Guilty as charged.”

Blake wasn’t sure if that made her feel much better. “Okay, fine,” she said, “if I am supposed to be here then what do you want to know?”

The woman took her time to answer. “Jennifer, give us some space,” she said. Jenny bowed and headed over to the kitchenette. Lady Bless then turned back to Blake and stroked her back. When Blake didn’t pull away, Lady Bless asked, “For starters, I would like to see you naked.”

Blake coughed and sat up with a start. “What? No, I mean,” she stammered, “Isn’t that sudden?”

“Is it?” Lady Bless asked.

“Well, yeah, I don’t think I could ask the same, right?”

Lady Bless shook her head. “I am happy to show myself to you if you wish. There are no boundaries to such things in this place. I was simply interested to see your body.” Her eyes flashed. “Jennifer indicated you may be special.”

Blake felt the blood drain from her face. “Oh.”


“You mean you want to see me naked because I’m a trans woman.”

“Yes,” Lady Bless said without hesitation. “I have not witnessed someone such as yourself in my time as lady of this home. I was interested that you may have more to offer than other girls who stalk these halls.” She put her hands into the front pocket of the hoodie. “If I was out of line, forgive me.”

Blake felt the knots in her stomach untwist ever so slightly. Something about the woman so plainly speaking her mind and her apology helped. That, or maybe she just liked a powerful vampire asking for her forgiveness.

“Do you promise this isn’t a fetish thing?” she asked. “Like you didn’t just bring me here because I have a dick, right?”

Lady Bless grinned, eagerly displaying her fangs. “It would never cross my mind to treat a prospective sister of the night like so much meat,” she said. “If you do not wish to display yourself, do not do so. I simply ask, no puppetry tricks.”

After a moment’s thought, Blake stood in front of the couch. Her fingers fumbled for the hem of her shirt. What the fuck was she doing? Sure, the vampire lady was hot but still this was crazy. And yet, that didn’t stop her from raising the shirt over her head or unclipping her bra to let it fall to the floor. She could feel every eye in the room on her when she took three tries to unclip her belt so she could slide her pants and underwear off in one motion. And just like that Blake was naked in the middle of a vampire’s lair.

It took most of her willpower to not look down. She knew what was there already: skinny chicken legs leading up towards pudgy thighs and tummy and little buds of breasts on her chest. The air of the room was cold and made her aware of how thoroughly she had waxed her hair for what she had thought was a date with Jenny.

And then down there was that…thing. The thing which she didn’t like to name and would have preferred to ignore except for some inex-fucking-plicable reason was so excited to be shown off that it had already risen to full mast. It didn’t help that, well, to Blake’s embarrassment it wasn’t exactly small.

“There,” Blake said. “Is that what you wanted to see?”

Lady Bless clapped and nodded. “Much more than I had hoped for, in fact. You are not the shrinking violet I took you for at first if you are so willing to display yourself this way.” Her eyes lowered to Blake’s crotch. “Certainly not shrinking…”

Blake resisted covering herself and instead put both hands on her hips. “Thank you.”

“You are very welcome,” Lady Bless said and lay back. “Now, why don’t you tell me what you want to do with it?”

There was no energy to her words; it was a simple suggestion. Blake rubbed her arm and gulped. She wanted to look confident, but knew she looked clammy and a mess instead. Still, she wasn’t about to admit that outright. “I don’t want to do anything with it,” Blake lied. “What does this have to do with being a vampire?”

Lady Bless laughed. “Nothing at all,” she said, “I’m just horny.” She stood up on the couch so that she could stand over Blake, who realized that the Lady was quite short. “Tell me about your cock and what you want to do with it.” Her eyes shimmered. “Please?”

“Fine,” Blake said. “It’s big, okay?”

“Go on,” Lady Bless urged.

“It’s really big and fat and dripping,” Blake continued. “Like it’s…it’s really fucking huge and sometimes I feel disgusting because it won’t ever stay down when I need it. When I feel like that I can only see myself as a…as a not-girl. Sometimes I just want to cut the whole fucking thing off.”

“Do you want to cut it off right now? I could get you a knife.”

“No, no it’s not that.” Blake’s hands shook. She couldn’t tell if the words belonged to her or were brought out by Lady Bless; frankly she didn’t really care which. “I don’t want to be here just for my dick. I want to fuck like an animal. I want to get weird and messy. But I can’t,” she said in a voice just above a whisper, “I can’t do this if I feel like that’s all there is to me.”

Lady Bless leaned forward from her perch and placed Blake’s face in her hands. She gently raised the girl’s tear-stained face and rubbed her cheek. “So tell me, Blake Aneska, what is it that you want for yourself?”

The words came easier and tumbled out of Blake’s mouth. “I want to feel like a real woman. Yeah, yeah, I know that trans women are women but I mean I want to fucking feel that. You know?” She sniffled. “I don’t want what I’ve got down there gone but I want to feel like I’m a woman attached to it.”

Blake shook her head. “No, I want to be the woman attached to it. I want fat tits, hips with curves, and hair that isn’t a nasty mess.” Her chest was heaving. “I want to be the goddamn hottest woman with the biggest cock anyone’s ever seen and make every asshole who’s ever been a cunt to me wish they looked even half as good.”

Silence overtook the room in the wake of her declarations. Blake fell to her knees and gasped for air. She grabbed at her neck and coughed, slowly regaining her ability to breathe on her own.

When she had regained her senses, Lady Bless asked her simply: “If you knew that becoming a vampire would let you have that, would you become one?”

“Yeah.” There should have been more hesitation, Blake figured. But fuck it, why not? Her mind flashed back to the boring drudgery of school, the tirades her parents went on if she dared act a woman in front of them, and a career of being her town’s most educated barista ahead of her. “Fuck yeah, I would.”

While Blake remained incapacitated on her knees, Lady Bless leapt off the couch and knocked into her. Blake fell to the soft floor while Lady Bless stood over her, leering down with a smile that was full of teeth. “That’s the exact kind of shit I want to hear!” She dropped to her knees, one on each side of Blake, and pressed her face to hers. “I knew you weren’t going to be a pussy. Jennifer never fails.”

From somewhere behind them, Jenny uttered a curse of confirmation while the Lady kept Blake close. Her fingers traced circles across Blake’s body as she rubbed them with glee over the girl beneath her; across Blake’s chest, shoulders, face, and sides. “Fuck yes,” she gasped.

“What the hell are you doing?” Blake mumbled while Lady Bless rubbed fingers over her teeth.

“Feeling my new sister,” Lady Bless said. Her fingers left Blake’s mouth to grab the sides of her head and lift her face to the vampire’s. The Lady kissed her suddenly, squealed, then kissed her again. “We’ve waited so long for this, haven’t we?” Before Jenny could answer, Lady Bless stuck her tongue into Blake’s mouth and then retracted it. “Fuck, I want to feed from you so bad. Your blood is going to look so fucking pretty in my mouth. Please, please, please can I?”

Blake opened her mouth but no sound came out. She could only stare at the vampire Lady, looming over her with crazed eyes and gripping her shoulders with what Blake now realized were claws. She wasn’t sure what had come over the vampiress, but from the way her mouth hung open with two looming fangs she wasn’t sure about finding out.

“You’ll have to forgive her,” said a new voice from above.

Looking up, Blake saw the boy she had spotted standing over her. He kept his arms behind his back and gazed at them both with dark red eyes. He shook his head while patting Lady Bless’s back. “She has been holding back this entire time,” he continued. “Once she accepted that you’d make a good vampire, she wasn’t exactly able to control herself.”

Blake looked into Lady Bless’s pleading eyes. “So what, is she going to bite me and that’s it?” she asked. “Or is it like…weirder?”

“Oh it’s absolutely weirder,” Lady Bless said, breathless. “Way kinkier, too. Well, if blood is your thing.” She giggled and scratched Blake’s face. “But if Jennifer scouted you, it must be.”

She didn’t reply, but Blake knew her burning face answered for her. “Fine,” she said, “so what exactly does this involve if it’s not biting me?”

Lady Bless traced one sharp nail over her lips. “Oh, I’m going to bite you,” she said, “but that’s just the start. Turning into one of us isn’t easy. You won’t be yourself by the end, but that’s the point isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Blake sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. “Okay, well, I don’t exactly have anything else to do or somewhere else to be. If you guys really want to make me a vampire, may as well get it over with.”

With a beaming smile, Lady Bless climbed off of Blake and helped her up. She held the naked girl’s hand and led her to the center of the room while the boy and Jenny accompanied them.

“Alright, you both know the drill,” Lady Bless told the other vampires. “Hold her while I give her the first bite. Gently now, she isn’t prey; she’s going to be one of us.”

Blake yelped from the touch of the boy and Jenny on either side of her, but didn’t pull away. Their grip was warm and they held her like she was a fragile thing while Lady Bless raised Blake’s arm and turned the wrist towards her. Her fangs gleamed in the light.

“Now then,” Lady Bless began, “do you, Blake Aneska, of sound mind and body accept the gift of vampirism and pledge yourself in the blood of this covenant to be one of us?” She traced Blake’s fingers one by one, careful to avoid the veins of the wrist. “We have moved quickly tonight, far faster than I would have believed. This is not a decision to be made lightly, and we will not judge you for rejecting this offer. Do you understand?”

Blake nodded and she continued. “To be a vampire is to accept a gift of immortality. You will live as long as you wish and will no longer be human. The blood of the darkness from ages past will flow through you and with it you will gain powers you never dreamed of. But it comes at a price.” Lady Bless’s brow furrowed and she squeezed Blake’s hand. “You must drink blood to retain these powers. To do that, you must kill; whether human or beast it does not matter. You will be branded a monster, a traitor to your kind, and a murderer. And none of those accusations will be false. To accept this gift is accepting, too, the curse it carries. Do you understand?”

There was a chill in the air and the Lady’s words hung heavy in it. It was one thing to embrace a new body and life, but another to take on its consequences. Could she be a murderer? Could she drink nothing but blood for the rest of her life? Blake wasn’t sure; but when she thought back to what lay outside the woods and back at the college she could see no other way. There was not going to be any way that she could back out and leave this behind; not now that she had tasted it. All she could do was take a drink.

“I understand,” Blake said. “I accept your gift and its consequences. I refuse to back out of this, because whatever’s in store for me can’t be worse than what I’ve already gone through.”

“That’s my new sister,” Lady Bless said, then kissed Blake’s wrist. “When you are ready, tell me.”

She didn’t hesitate this time. “Now.”

Like a sword into its scabbard, Lady Bless’s fangs slipped into Blake’s wrist. She hissed and felt the warm grip of the other two vampires grow tighter. The veins around the wound bulged as the Lady’s fangs drove deep before she pulled them back out. They left behind a ragged wound across Blake’s wrist that spurted crimson blood from the new holes. Before much could spill, Lady Bless pressed her mouth to the wound and began to drink.

Blake shuddered in pain. Her head was pounding and spots flashed in front of her eyes. Blood tests to get estrogen had been one thing, but this was an entirely new level. Spidery veins grew across her arm and spread to her chest as more blood continued to flow into Lady Bless’s mouth. For her part, the Lady drank in silence, though not without eagerness.

Before long, Blake began to sag in the vampires’ arms. Her feet began to lose their strength and she could feel her vision drifting. Her eyes were so heavy, heavier than they had been before. Sleep, that was what she wanted. A sleep that would last a thousand years.

Just as she began to drift off, however, Lady Bless licked the wound and it closed shut as fast as it had opened. All that was left behind were two neat, bloodless holes that marked her as one of them. Lady Bless then leaned over and gave Blake a bloody kiss on her cheek.

“It’s done,” she declared, “and now the rest of your journey begins.”

Lady Bless held Blake’s hand as she tried to stand on her own feet. Her legs shook and she began to topple over, causing all three vampires to grab her. Blake coughed and looked at all three of them. Their faces had lost the haughty gleam from before, replaced with lines of concern.

“I just…wanna nap…” Blake mumbled, slumping over in Lady Bless’s arms.

Jenny tapped Blake’s cheek. “Hey, c’mon, can’t sleep yet,” she said. “You just need some blood. Chace, help me with her.”

The boy, Chace, picked up Blake at first under her arms. However, when Blake slumped forward again he picked her up under her back and legs and held her like a bride. A warm feeling spread through her as Blake rested her head against his chest. She giggled and smiled.

Chace smiled back at her. “Ladies love a man who can sweep them off their feet,” he teased.

“That means I’m a lady,” Blake said dreamily in return.

That made Jenny laugh, and both Chace and Lady Bless joined her. With Chace holding Blake as easily as a doll, Lady Bless led them out of the room and deeper into the mansion. Blake’s head lolled back so she didn’t see where they were going, only the glow of lights hanging in fixtures ranging from ancient to modern. Her eyes fluttered open and closed, and she could not tell how much time had passed. If she had been told they’d been walking for days she’d have believed it.

Eventually their little party reached another room and the door slid open. Blake was brought to a gargantuan pool; one that was only a few feet deep but long enough to fit dozens of people. Chace walked into the pool and set her down on the shallow bottom, letting the warm water surround her. Blake shivered and sank low into the shallow depth.

While Chace remained in the water, Lady Bless and Jenny stood above. They kept their hands laid across their bellies and looked at her very quietly. The effect would have been greater had it not been for the fact that Lady Bless was still in her hoodie and sweatpants while Jenny had not changed out of her goth outfit.

Chace stood over her. “To complete your transformation, we must first build you up by opening ourselves to you and letting you taste; both of our blood and of our souls,” he said in a thumping voice. “Then, we must tear you down by exposing you, your innermost self for all to see. When it is done, you will have shed your false skin for a new one: your true self.” His voice softened. “Are you ready?”

Blake nodded.

In response, Chace began to remove his clothes. As he was only wearing a sweater and socks, that wasn’t hard. He dropped them into the water beside her and stood nude. He was a powerfully built man, supple muscle and rippling sinew across his broad chest and toned stomach. He was covered in fine black hair across his arms, chest, and legs; a trail of thick hair led from his belly button to a magnificent bush between his legs and the slit that lay there, gleaming at her. His cock rose hungrily from his cunt already and Blake blushed at its sight.

His body shivered as Chace used his claws to cut deep lines across his chest. Blood dripped and gushed from the wounds and ran down his stomach. “Drink,” he said while pointing to his crotch.

Blake didn’t need further instruction. She rose from the water just enough to bury her face between his thighs. Her nose sank deep into his bush and with every breath his thick odor filled her. Her mouth reached for and found his dick, throbbing with desire while rivulets of blood dripped off of it. She sucked up each and every last one while she took him into her mouth. His cock warmed her and she lapped hungrily at it and the blood he fed to her.

A hand grabbed the back of Blake’s head and tugged her face upward. Her eyes looked up into his, red with passion and gleaming in the reflected light from the water. What blood Blake couldn’t suck from his cock and inhale from his hair ran right onto her face. It was his marking, and it made Blake shudder. She eagerly fought to have every inch of him inside her and wrapped her lips tightly around his dick. When he shoved her face so deep between his legs that she could not keep her eyes open, Blake whined with need.

Chace’s blood ran thick over her tongue and down her throat. Its copper taste made her lick it up eagerly like a gift from above; which, she supposed, it was. She was sloppy and let it cover herself and her tits but she didn’t care. Blake kept lapping at every drop until at last Chace’s wounds closed and he stood once again whole and unharmed.

The boy reached down and kissed Blake’s cheek. He smiled. “You did well, new sister,” Chace said. “I am thankful to be your first. Remember my taste whenever you feed.”

Chace stepped out of the blood-stained water and stood by Lady Bless, still nude and at attention. Blake lowered herself into the water to wash some of the blood off her skin, but most she simply left to dry and stain.

Blake didn’t get much time to catch her breath. No sooner had she washed herself than Jenny stepped into the pool to join her. Where Chace had stripped himself, Jenny chose to let her clothes get soaked and cling to her skin. It was impossible not to notice her curvy body, with round hips and a chest that was made even more prominent as Jenny ripped her shirt open to expose herself to Blake.

The tattered pieces of cloth floated on the water while Jenny squeezed her tits between clawed fingers. Her flesh was pale against the darkness of her clawed fingers. “Like ‘em?” Jenny teased. “Becoming a vampire has…benefits.” She raked her claws over one breast until the skin bled.

Taking the breast in her hand, she offered it to Blake. “Drink,” she said.

There was no need to tell Blake twice. She fell to her knees, her chest just above the water, and locked her lips around Jenny’s tit. She suckled it hungrily without need for instruction. Whether it was the vampiric lust for blood or something more basic in her she couldn’t say.

Blake’s tongue lapped at Jenny’s nipple. Her groans filled the room and she reached up, touched, squeezed Jenny’s softness between her fingers. Her body shivered and hot blood trickled into her mouth. There was more than she could possibly gulp down and it spilled across them both. Hers wasn’t like Chace’s; his had been powerful and intoxicating like jet fuel, but hers was sweet and thick as milk.

A hand grasped at Blake’s head and she flinched. Then when she looked up and saw it was Jenny stroking her head she shut her eyes and went back to her suckling. The hand ran its way through her shaggy, unkempt hair with delicate precision. It traveled down her neck to her back where it gently petted her.

“That’s it,” Jenny purred, “you’re being a very good girl.” She laughed and kissed Blake’s forehead. “You like this, don’t you? Oh Bless may have an eye for your wilder side, but I can tell a girl who is desperate for affection when I see one. Oh no, don’t try to hide it, it’s quite…clear.” Jenny reached down to stroke the head of Blake’s rigid cock until it leaked for her.

Jenny kissed her again. “Don’t fight it,” she cooed. “Just relax and suckle my blood like a good girl. You’ll need lots now. Let me take care of you.”

Blake didn’t fight the way Jenny’s hand began to stroke her shaft nor the way Jenny picked Blake up effortlessly to sit on her lap like a pet. Her mind was too fuzzy instead while her lips moved on their own. Just as her tongue licked at the cuts in Jenny’s skin, so too did Jenny’s hand stroke quickly on Blake’s throbbing shaft. Some part of her brain laughed at how the blood was rushing right into her and straight to her crotch.

The cuts began to close up on their own, which only made Blake more desperate. She was so close her legs quivered and she humped into Jenny’s hand. She needed a release, needed the blood for it, and she fought desperately to keep the cuts open. Her sharper teeth bit at the skin and whines escaped her throat. Her hips pumped into Jenny’s grasp while her toes curled.

Her release came just as the blood stopped. It hit her like a truck. Blake’s screams echoed through the hall while her balls pumped load after load of cum into Jenny’s waiting hand. There was more than she had ever seen before, more than she could have hoped to produce; she felt like a geyser.

Jenny’s arms wrapped tightly around her and held her close. “Good girl, just let it all out,” she said. “You’ve been pent up in more ways than one. You must release all this before you can join us.” The entire time she kept stroking, even as the water became cloudy from Blake’s orgasm.

Claws that Blake hadn’t known she possessed dug into Jenny’s back and she squealed. Her stomach heaved and she gasped for air, but at last it was over. Her dick, empty, retreated to its soft state while Blake gasped for breath.

“What was that?” she asked between gasps.

Jenny kissed Blake on the lips and smiled. “What you’ve been needing all this time.”

Blake tried to stand on her own, but fell back into the water as her legs gave out. Her knees couldn’t stop shaking. Jenny leaned down and wrapped her arms around Blake, lifting her out of the water effortlessly and setting her on the edge of the pool.

Lady Bless walked over and put a hand on Blake’s forehead. Blake winced; its heat stung. Her mouth was wrenched open by Lady Bless who ran a finger over Blake’s budding fangs and peered into her eyes. She then flipped Blake’s hand over to look at where her bite had been; dark veins trailed up her arm from where the fangs had entered her.

“It’s taking well to you,” Lady Bless said. “How are you feeling, Blake?”

It took her a few moments to form words again. “Shaky,” Blake said at last.

“It’ll do that,” Lady Bless said. She held out her arms and turned to Jenny. “Give her to me. I’ll finish her up.”

Blake squeaked as the two vampires transferred her like she was a lost puppy they were inspecting. Lady Bless cradled her, despite Blake’s height advantage, and kissed her forehead. Blake quickly kissed her back; she had meant to get it on Lady Bless’s heart but managed to miss and kiss her boob instead.

“Eager one, aren’t you?” Lady Bless chuckled. She began to carry Blake towards the other end of the pool room, towards a door that Blake could have sworn hadn’t been there before. Jenny and Chace followed, though kept their distance.

Lady Bless talked without looking at Blake. “You have passed through the giving of your new family unto you,” she said, “but now you must give unto your new family.”

“I thought I already gave you some of my blood?” Blake asked.

“That was only to begin the process,” Lady Bless said, “and in any case only blood. You have not yet given to us the bone, the muscle, the skin…”

“Is it going to hurt?”

“Probably. Does that frighten you?”


Lady Bless kissed Blake again, tenderly as a mother would. Even for her stained sweatpants and old pink hoodie, the Lady’s presence filled Blake until she tucked her head into her Lady’s shoulder.

“Are you doing that?” Blake asked.

“Of course,” Lady Bless said. “I cannot take away the pain, but I can give you a reprieve from the fear. I would be a terrible Lady of the Night if my powers could not soothe you.”

Blake nodded. This time, she didn’t object to being puppeted. Instead, she clung on tightly to the Lady while she was taken through the door that hadn’t been there and down a hallway that was longer than Blake had thought possible until they at last reached a new chamber. It was the most plain and simple room yet, one without any furnishings but a bed so wide it could fit a dozen people on it. The bed was pristinely made and done up in white.

Lady Bless crossed the bare concrete to deposit Blake on the bed, where she rolled onto her back. Lady Bless wasted no time and began to remove her clothes while Jenny and Chace flanked her. First the hoodie was tossed aside, then her pants kicked off, and finally her underwear lay in a crumpled heap beside the bed.

Blake gasped. Lady Bless was unlike what she would have thought a vampire Lady to be, but nonetheless beautiful. Lady Bless had a soft, plump body with wide hips and thighs that framed a pussy covered in hair. Her breasts sat on her chest in big handfuls, resplendent with the same stretch marks that traced their way down to her round ass. The Lady smiled when she saw Blake staring.

“It’s okay dear,” she said, “a body like mine was made for staring.”

She crawled onto the bed towards Blake while the others followed. Soon, Lady Bless was atop Blake on her hands and knees, staring down while her nipples gently brushed the girl’s cheeks. “You have taken gifts from us,” she said in a soft voice. Her arms once more embraced Blake and brought her up to rest in her lap. “And now we will take from you, sweet girl. When we are finished, you will be one of us. Do you understand?”

Blake nodded. “I do…I think.”

“Good enough.” Lady Bless turned Blake so that her back faced Chace and Jenny and her eyes were on the Lady.

Lady Bless raised a finger to Blake’s throat. It grew into a claw as she traced a line across it, just enough to scratch it without breaking the skin. Then, after a couple passes, she sunk the claw deep into Blake’s throat. The girl made gurgling sounds from the blood filling her mouth as Lady Bless carved her way from one side to the other. It was not quite enough to take Blake’s head from her shoulders, but plenty to empty a rush of blood all over the both of them.

Blake kept her eyes locked on the Lady. She couldn’t speak any longer, so only nodded her head. The warmth filled her heart as fast as blood rushed out. It hurt, but not enough for her to scream. She sank her own claws into the Lady’s back to steady herself. She was glad for it when seconds later she felt talons from Chace and Jenny sink into her back.

While Lady Bless had so elegantly sliced her jugular, the two vampires behind her dug like animals into her. Blake winced and rested her head on Lady Bless who drank her fill from the cut she’d made. Chase wrenched his entire hand into the small of her back and she could feel his fingers wrap around her spine. With one snap, she could no longer feel her legs. Jenny, meanwhile, ripped chunks from her back and chewed on the muscle and sinew that emptied out of her.

“You’re doing so well,” Lady Bless whispered to her, mouth slick with Blake’s entrails. “I’m so proud of you. Just embrace this feeling, it will be over soon.”

There wasn’t much else Blake could really do. There was an odd numb feeling as she felt more of herself ripped out her back. She felt sure one of her lungs was gone, but it wasn’t as if she was really breathing anyway. The blood that came out of her was an impossible amount. It sloshed out of her in waves from her back and throat and covered the bed until the red had turned to black.

Something broke with a crack inside her. Her head boiled. The warmth was everywhere, it was hollowing her inside out. It was bliss, it was pain, it was…suddenly nothing. She looked down. Lady Bless held a heart in her hands. Blake’s heart, she realized. The Lady brought it to her mouth and kissed it. “It’s done,” she said and ate it one bite.

Blake ceased.

Then, she began again. Her eyes fluttered open. She looked up and saw Lady Bless stroking her face, her head in the Lady’s lap. Chace and Jenny lay on each side of her. She looked down and saw her body lay pristine on a clean bed. Not a single drop of blood.

“Was that a dream?” she asked.

Lady Bless took Blake’s left hand and put it over her chest. “Tell me what you feel.”

Blake listened for a moment. “Nothing,” she said.

“Correct,” Lady Bless said.

“So…I don’t have a heart?”

“You have joined us as one of the living dead,” Lady Bless said. “If it helps, your heart was delicious.”

Now that she could look closer at herself, Blake noticed that her skin had faded and lost some of its color. Her original bite wound was almost gone as well. Yet her skin was warm, as if it were still living.

She ran hands over herself, over her naked new body. It was curvier now than it had once been, with wide hips and a chest that at last fit her frame after hormone replacement therapy had not seen fit to bless her. Her hair was long and silky, and her skin was smoother than even when she had spent the night waxing every hair she could find. And, to her embarrassment, feeling herself had given her new, longer, and more refined cock a reason to stand up on its own.

“Pretty great, isn’t it?” Chace asked, running his hands over her belly. “I remember when I woke up like this and almost cried.”

Blake nodded and felt her eyes begin to water. “I think it’s more than ‘almost’ for me,” she said.

Jenny squeezed her hand. “I knew when I saw you for the first time you’d be perfect,” she said. “It’s always nice to see I was right.”

Lady Bless’s arms squeezed Blake close. She looked less the matron of a vampire family and more a soft woman with messy hair and lines around her eyes. Her fangs glinted warmly in the light as she leaned down to kiss Blake. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” Blake echoed. She thought for a moment. “What do we do now?”

“Whatever we want,” Jenny said, and Lady Bless affirmed her with a nod.

Blake cocked her head. “If that’s true, can we rest now?”

“Of course,” Lady Bless said, then giggled. “Anything for our special girl, our new sister. There will be time later for so much more. We have such sights to show you.”

And so Blake was lost again in a pile of bodies atop her, warm beneath them as the four vampires tangled in one another in a restful haze. They were blissful, they were doing what they wished, and for the first of many days that lay ahead Blake was truly happy.