warning Contains:

breeding, pregnancy discussion, transformation, blood

Animal Mother

Alice sat in a creaking chair in a musty, cramped office to sign her life away. It surprised her how easy it was. The woman before her, with thin gray hair of an elder yet the rippling muscle of a girl in her prime, smiled and showed Alice where to sign on each page of a thick stack of papers. It was a contract, and upon its completion Alice would no longer be her own person. Somehow it felt wrong to do it surrounded by ashtrays, filing cabinets, and stray food wrappers, but Alice wasn’t about to back down.

When she had finished with the last page, the woman shoved the papers into a manila folder and turned to an ancient beige computer on her desk to type away at it. “There you go, that wasn’t so hard was it?” the woman croaked. “I’ll just need to get you into our system and then you’ll be assigned your duties, room, and all that.”

“Yes ma’am,” Alice said without looking up.

Staring down wasn’t much better; her body awkwardly filled the chair around her. She was skinny where she wanted to be chubby and chubby where she wanted to be skinny, and if Alice looked at herself for too long she stopped seeing anything remotely feminine in herself. Thankfully she’d had the foresight to wear a hoodie and jeans that day, so she could collapse into boymoding for the time being.

The woman waved a hand. “Oh please no ‘ma’am,’ now that you’re one of us you can call me Cathy, Cat, or Ms. Berkshire if you really must.”

One of us.

The thought alone was enough to make Alice’s heart leap. She grabbed each side of the chair in her hands and squeezed until her knuckles were white. “Yes, Ms. Berkshire,” she said, still not looking her in the eye.

Ms. Berkshire typed with the flat of her fingers to not disturb her long, decorated nails. Each one had a small scene on it, which the woman had proudly shown Alice when she had first arrived. She only spoke again when asking Alice for her basic information.

When Alice gave her age, Ms. Berkshire whistled. “Twenty-one on the dot,” she said. “You didn’t waste your time once you cleared the age requirement, did you?”

Alice shrugged one shoulder. “I didn’t see a reason to. I don’t have anything to look forward to, and the benefits pay out as soon as I join.”

“If you joined only for the money, honey, there’s plenty of easier ways to sell yourself.”

If Alice had been the woman she dreamed, if she had been born how she felt, she might have agreed. Instead, she shook her head. “Not for a girl like me,” she said. “Nothing that’s better than this.”

That was enough to make Ms. Berkshire leave her alone until she’d finished entering Alice’s information in the computer. Once she finished, she took a swig from an old cup of coffee and smacked her lips. “Well, whatever kind of girl you are, we all appreciate you joining us,” Ms. Berkshire said, and extended a hand. “Welcome to the pack, may you bear us many children.”

When Alice had first gotten her hands on an information brochure for the pack, she had passed it off as a joke. It had advertised the group as a pack of supernatural humans living in among lonely hills and trees to keep to themselves. More than that, the brochure she’d gotten off her roommate had specified their desire for women who could act as surrogates for those who couldn’t normally carry a child.

Being someone who thoroughly lacked the parts necessary to carry a baby, Alice had been ready to throw the pamphlet away when she had noticed, in small text at the bottom, that the position was open regardless of gender identity or body. That alone had been enough to get her to call, and when the person on the other end had told her, quite enthusiastically, that trans women were more than welcome to be surrogates, she’d asked to know more.

It all seemed too good to be true at first. She’d have a considerable monthly stipend, free room and board, amenities provided, and on and on; all she’d have to do was get pregnant…somehow. The catch came when the recruiter who’d visited her apartment told her that, in no uncertain terms, the benefits would only continue so long as she bore children or otherwise served the pack. If either of those were no longer possible, they’d let her go and she’d back to step one.

Thinking back on it, Alice wasn’t sure what had gotten her to agree after that. To some degree it must have been the idea of radically altering her life that way. Without opportunities greater than being a middling barista or pretending to be a man in an office, a big change was appealing. So, she supposed, that’s how she found herself signing those papers and getting put into a black sedan to be driven to the pack’s compound.

Ms. Berkshire sat with her in the back of the car while a silent man drove them on narrow roads, over ancient bridges, and beneath massive trees to reach the home of the pack. For as talkative as she had been earlier, Ms. Berkshire kept quiet on the drive. That was more than fine for Alice, who amused herself by looking out the window and wondering if she’d ever be allowed to leave once they got her to the pack.

“You don’t have to look so glum,” Ms. Berkshire said, finally breaking the silence. “The paperwork is just for legal reasons. The pack is very nice, you’ll see, and you’ll find a wonderful donor among them.”

“Do I get to choose who I’ll, uh, be a surrogate for?” Alice asked.

“Not typically,” Ms. Berkshire admitted. “If compatibility will be a problem, you can have your contract nullified.” She patted Alice’s arm. “Besides, surrogacy doesn’t require you to be around the parent all the time. You will be more than welcome to keep to yourself between fertilization and birth.”

“I guess that’s good.” Alice pulled her arm away. “Wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve done for nine months.”

“That’s the spirit!”

The car thankfully didn’t have to travel much further before it arrived at their destination. The pack’s home was located deep in the woods, and had evidently been refurbished from some sort of ancient castle. Its primary building sat on a hilled rise above the rest of the buildings, and all the compound was ringed by walls topped with razor wire. A river flowed around the buildings into a large lake at the center of the vast clearing among the trees.

Ms. Berkshire nodded to the defenses, noticing Alice’s staring. “More people in this day and age are accepting of the supernatural, but there are those who want us dead for one reason or another. This isn’t just any hideout, but a safe haven for all kinds of creatures.”

The car was stopped at a gate just past the trees where a cloaked figure checked all of their IDs. He gave Alice a long look but didn’t say a word before waving them on. Through the gate, the car crawled up a smooth path towards the compound’s walls. The driver stopped in a courtyard just beyond and got out to begin unloading Alice’s luggage.

Alice had been told to pack all she could, but in truth she didn’t have much to bring along. Most of what she’d ever owned in the world was still at her parents’ house, where she was not allowed to step foot in unless it was as a man. Everything else had fit neatly into a single large suitcase and an old canvas bag. The driver seemed almost embarrassed to hold them for her, so she took her own things to carry them herself.

It was still daytime, but the outer courtyard was deserted. Alice had heard that supernaturals didn’t like coming out in the day, but it still unnerved her the way it was so silent. Ms. Berkshire led her through a gate and into the inner courtyard, flanked by high towers overlooking a massive stone hall. She checked her phone, nodded, and put it away again. “You are assigned to a room above the great hall, number two-zero-two. You are not yet expected to present yourself in the great hall, so now would be a good time to rest.”

“Shouldn’t I get a key?” Alice asked.

“The door is already is synced to your fingerprint,” Ms. Berkshire said, then bowed. “This is where I must leave you and return to my office. I will visit occasionally, but your care is out of my hands. Do try to stay out of trouble, Ms. Glass.”

Ms. Berkshire didn’t look back as she got in the car and was driven away. Alice was left standing in the middle of the pack’s compound with her luggage in both hands and no one else around. Once the shock wore off, she heaved a sigh and entered the great hall.

The great hall was, to no surprise, a really massive hall with wooden floors, a huge fireplace at one end, kitchens to one side, and the rest of the room filled with tables, chairs, and cutlery. It, too, was deserted and Alice began to wonder if someone was playing an elaborate practical joke on her. Whatever the case, she shrugged and headed up a set of stairs beside the entrance that took her to the second story.

Unlike the hall with its decorations of art, tapestries, flags, and so on, the second floor was spartan. It contained only a single hallway that ran the length of the hall and a half dozen doors with room numbers on them. Room 202 was right near the stairs and sure enough, among all the rustic decoration and design, there was an electronic fingerprint reader on the handle. Alice pressed her thumb on the machine and heard the door click open.

The apartment was large, if sparse. It was more like a loft than anything else, with a single large room and a bathroom separated from the rest with a heavy privacy curtain. The floor was polished wood just like the bedframe, dresser, kitchen table, and other assorted kitschy furniture. Alice would have sworn she’d gone back in time were it not for the modern refrigerator and other kitchen appliances as well as the router next to the bed.

“Well, at least the place has wi-fi,” Alice groused to no one in particular.

She hopped up onto a bed larger than any she’d ever had and laid on her back. The bed was pushed against the back wall near the bathroom and had a window above it spilling light inside. There was a nightstand as well and, thankfully, a sticky note with the wi-fi password written on it.

Once she’d connected her phone, Alice checked her messages. She frowned upon finding out that she had nothing new, beyond a couple spam emails. It wasn’t like she’d told everyone she knew that she was going out to the woods to be a breeder for all time, but she’d have thought someone would have noticed she was gone.

After a bit of scrolling through the news in an attempt to find something interesting, Alice sighed and put the phone away. The air was warm and the castle rooms didn’t seem to have very good air conditioning, so she slithered out of her jeans and hoodie as fast as she could. Laying back on the big bed in nothing but panties and a bra, the sheets cool against her skin, was like heaven. So much like it, in fact, that Alice promptly fell asleep.

It wasn’t until sometime later that knocking woke her back up. Alice raised her head in time to see the room’s door open and usher in two strangers in identical brown robes. One—a tall woman with gray hair, round glasses, and thick thighs—was dragging the other behind her. The one being pulled into Alice’s room seemed to be a girl about Alice’s age with dark eyes, darker hair, and a short body equal parts chubby and muscular. The older woman shut the door behind them with a thump before shooting a grin Alice’s way.

“It’s so wonderful to finally see you here!” the older woman crowed. “My name is Harley, and I will be your pack mother.” She bumped the girl with her elbow. “And this is Mercury Hart. She is to be your first donor. While I go run a bath, why don’t you two get acquainted?”

Harley didn’t give either of the girls a chance to object, and hurried off past the curtain to start filling the tub. Alice sat up on the bed, suddenly conscious of being in her underwear, and waved. “I’m Alice,” she said.

The girl nodded. “I know, they gave me your file to read,” she said. “I’m Mercury. Did they tell you anything about me?”

“No,” Alice said, which was all she got to say before Mercury began talking again.

“Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I am a Beastling,” Mercury said, “or, I guess, that I’m trans. That isn’t as important, though. Do you know what a Beastling is? Well, if not, we are a species that can take the form of animals who blessed us from birth. Many animals can do so and so we tend to be a mix of creatures. I’m part bear and wolf and part bull and a bunch of other things.” She seemed out of breath, but didn’t even slow down. “There aren’t many of us left because we got hunted a lot so we need surrogates to help carry our children and that’s where you come in, so I guess that means we’ll know a lot about each other.”

Mercury had to take big gasps of air after she’d finished and rubbed at her eyes. “Sorry, I talk a lot,” she said. “My last mate told me it was annoying. Sorry. Let me know if it bothers you, please?”

Alice blinked a few times before shaking her head. “It doesn’t bother me,” she said. “I guess it’s good to know who the other parent will be.”

“Exactly!” Mercury grinned. “I want our baby to be the happiest kid there’s ever been, so I hope I can do stuff to help you while you’re pregnant. Will this be your first time?”

“Yeah, uh, definitely the first time.” Alice leaned in close on the bed. “My file said I was trans, right? Like, there weren’t any errors?”

“Of course it did,” Mercury said. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason.”

Harley pulled back the bathroom curtain in one sudden move and clapped her hands. “The bath’s ready,” she said. “We are running later than I thought, so hurry up you two. Unless Alice wants to break her contract, we’ll need to have her ready for the ceremony in the great hall as soon as possible.”

It took a moment before Alice realized that she really could refuse to go be made a breeder for the strange girl before her, but she dismissed the thought as quickly as it had come. The setup wasn’t perfect, but it was better than what waited her back at her dingy little apartment in the city. So, she was more than happy to slide off the bed and walk into the bathroom.

The room was almost as big as her bedroom in the old apartment had been, Alice noted. It had a large sink, thick cabinets on either side of a tall mirror, a standing claw tub, and what looked like some sort of pressure washer shower on the other side. Alice dipped one finger in the bath water and smiled when she found the it was still hot.

“Alright young lady, let’s get you in the bath,” Harley said. “This isn’t just to get you clean, either. You stink like the outside world, and a fair few of us can’t stand that stench. We’ll need to get you covered in Mercury’s scent before meeting anyone else.”

“Like, you want her to pee on me?” Alice asked.

The sudden laughter from Harley made Alice take a step back in surprise. The older woman patted Alice’s back while still giggling. “No, sweetheart, she’s just going to hold you in the bath tub until you’re good and covered in her scent, then I can get you two dressed, oiled, painted, and all that.” Harley looked Alice up and down. “Now strip before the water gets cold. You too, Mercury. We don’t have any time to waste.”

Alice reached up to undo her bra, but found that Mercury was already undoing the clasp. The girl’s hands were soft and moved quickly, sliding Alice’s bra off without missing a beat. When her hands looped in her panties, Alice made no move to stop Mercury from pulling them down.

For the first time in a couple years, Alice stood naked in front of someone else. Well, two people, but Alice tried to keep her attention on Mercury. She wrapped her arms around her pudgy tummy to try to let her future mate get a look at her boobs that flopped lazily away from each other and the small penis tucked away between her legs. Mercury, for her part, didn’t react in any negative or positive way, only nodded with something Alice hoped was approval.

The other girl didn’t hesitate in undressing. She unclasped the robe she wore and let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked before Alice. Her heavy bosom met the curves of her hips in one smooth motion that Alice couldn’t help but stare at. She blushed when it became evident that exposing herself had begun to make her sizable cock begin to stand on end.

They probably would have kept gawking at one another if it weren’t for Harley giving Alice a tap on the shoulder. She obeyed and climbed into the tub, embracing the warm water that rose up to her ears. Mercury followed soon after and rested against the far end. With a look from Harley, Alice pulled herself between Mercury’s legs and rested there with her head on Mercury’s chest.

“Is this okay?” Alice asked. “I mean, for getting her scent on me.”

Harley grinned. “It will do quite well,” she said. “Now, I will leave you two to get acquainted and all scented up. I’ll go prepare the other tools and with any luck we’ll still be on time for the ceremony.” She disappeared through the curtain again, and Alice was once more alone with Mercury.

Mercury’s heart beat softly beneath Alice’s ear. Her skin was smooth, and the small, dark hairs on her chest made it softer. Alice wrapped her arms around Mercury’s waist without thinking, and while it made the other girl jerk in surprise she was allowed to settle in. “Is this alright?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I think so,” Mercury stammered. “Is this okay with you?”

“It is,” Alice said.

“You don’t have to do this too long if you don’t want,” Mercury continued. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything. I’m sorry, is this weird?”

“You apologize a lot.”


Alice giggled and looked up at Mercury. “You know I kind of figured that someone who was going to breed me would be more…forward.”

A patch of blush spread across Mercury’s chest. “Beastlings are so few that when a test found that I can have children I was told I needed to. My parents died when I was a kid, so if I don’t continue the line that’s it for our family.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Alice said, “I didn’t know.”

Mercury waved a hand. “It’s fine. Really. I barely remember them, the others here raised me and I didn’t think much of it. It’s just, well, I’m halfway through my twenties and it’s starting to feel more and more like it’s my job to continue on who I am, you know?”

“I guess that makes sense.” Alice shrugged. “My family kicked me out when I was sixteen, so for the past five years I’ve mostly been trying to get away from them. I guess I never thought much about continuing their legacy or whatever.”

“I’m sorr-” Mercury began, then shook her head. “I mean, maybe it will make you feel better to help continue my family’s instead? If that’s not…weird, or anything.”

The other girl’s heart was racing, so Alice took Mercury’s hand in her own and squeezed it. “It’s not weird,” she said. “I signed up for this because I didn’t want to be staring down whatever time I have left at dead-end jobs pretending to be a…to be someone I’m not. I’d rather help you make a family than make some bitchy lady’s coffee while she yells at me.”

That made Mercury giggle and she squeezed Alice’s hand. “That sounds like a good deal to me.”

Mercury helped Alice apply a few soaps to herself, which managed to scrub out whatever sweat and grossness had lurked in her tangled, curly hair for the past week. Then Mercury held her for a bit longer. It was supposed to be for the scent, Alice knew, but that didn’t mean she didn’t appreciate it. Then came a knock on the wall next to the curtain and they both scrambled to get out of the tub.

In the time since they’d gotten in the bath, Harley had set up a blanket on the room’s floor and spread out a large number of bottles around a large mixing bowl. She beckoned Alice over and Mercury followed so that they were both kneeling on the blanket. The cold air on Alice’s wet body made her shiver, but since Mercury didn’t ask for a towel neither did she.

“Now that you have Mercury’s scent on you, we can make you up for the ceremony,” Harley said. Her hands drifted over the bottles before coming to a large one covered in pictures of flowers. “Mercury, sweetheart, would you cover her in this first? It will prime her for the paints.”

While she grabbed the bottle, Mercury turned to Alice and smiled. “Is that alright?” she asked. “You can still back out of all of this if you wish.”

Alice shook her head. “I can’t go back, all I can do is go forward.” She raised her arms and smiled. “Lather me up, girl.”

Harley laughed and began to pour various colors into the bowl and mix them together. Some sparked, some smoked, and some reflected no light at all. Alice began to realize that not all of what she was seeing was natural, but that didn’t stop her.

While the paints began to mix into a color Alice’s eyes couldn’t decide on, Mercury squirted half the bottle she was holding all over her hands and began applying the liquid to Alice’s body. Her hands moved quickly, not daring to linger on any one part of her. Alice even had to grab Mercury’s fingers and press them to her breasts or else the girl would have ignored them entirely. That elicited a squeak from Mercury, which made Alice grin.

It took a while for Mercury to finish. Eventually Alice took the girl’s hands in her own and guided them, lest they leave parts unattended. She guided Mercury to gently cup her balls and coat her cock in the thin liquid, and showed her how to rub it all over her ass and thighs. By the end, the poor girl looked more like a tomato than anything else. Alice kissed one of her hands with a proud glee.

“Alright, now lay on your back,” Harley instructed. “This won’t hurt, but you may feel some weird sensations where the paint is applied.”

“Weird how?” Alice asked.

“You’ll know when you feel them.” Harley helped her lay back and set the bowl at Alice’s side. The older woman dipped two fingers in the mixture and began to apply it to Alice’s torso, beginning around her breasts.

Alice couldn’t see what was being drawn on her, but it felt like some strange sort of markings with the way Harley swooped and dashed her fingers around. At some point her entire chest went numb besides the occasional tingle like someone was pricking her with a hundred needles at once.

When she’d finished with that, Harley gathered more paint on her hands and trailed a line down towards the space between Alice’s bellybutton and her crotch. She began to paint more finely there, with small, precise movements that made Alice feel like someone was poking her with a stick over and over. It was unpleasant, but Alice was determined to stay still.

Mercury got up behind her and lifted Alice’s head onto her lap. Looking up at her, Alice smiled and Mercury returned it back. “This is so the changes will take,” Mercury said. “Without its magic, none of this would be possible.”

“What sort of changes?” Alice bit her lip. “Like…so I can have a baby?”

“You’ll see,” Mercury said, “but yes, for things like that.”

Harley added a few more touches to Alice’s stomach and then smiled. “All finished,” she said, and cleaned her hands on a small crimson cloth. Then, she produced two garments: a silver robe for Mercury and a cape of the same color for Alice. “Put these on.”

Alice started to pull the cape over her chest, but a look from Harley made her stop. Instead, she just let it hang from her back like the world’s nakedest super hero. Mercury, though, was quick to slip into her robe and cover herself up. She looked like she was going to cry from happiness in being clothed again, which made Alice lean in to give her a hug.

Everything finished, Harley helped Alice and Mercury up and led them out the door. The first thing Alice noticed when she’d stepped into the hallway outside was how loud it was. A rumbling din wafted up from the lower floor of the great hall filled with laughing, singing, and yelling; and all of it mixed with the smells of greasy food.

“You two will go to the center platform,” Harley said as she led them down the stairs. “You’ll receive your instructions there. Good luck, girls!”

Sure enough, in the time she’d been upstairs someone had set up a big round stage in the middle of the great hall. Despite the noise, it seemed like only a few dozen people were in the entire place; not enough to fill even a third of the tables. They were largely clustered around the stage, eating and drinking and laughing. Most of them looked human enough, but a few of the gathered beings didn’t look like people at all. As far as Alice could see, they ranged from people with cat ears to those who looked more like plants or movie aliens.

Almost everyone began to stare once Alice and Mercury were spotted walking down the stairs. They didn’t call out to them, thankfully, but instead watched in an oppressive silence. Had it not been for Harley in front of her, Alice would have run down the stairs just to escape the eyes. When she reached the floor and got to lead Mercury to the platform it felt like a mercy.

To her surprise, the platform was covered in blankets, pillows, and various other soft things. In the great hall with its ancient opulence, having a ready-made, modern bed raised over everyone stuck out. Yet, Alice was glad for a chance to step behind Mercury and avoid those who stared at her chest and below.

Once Harley had taken her seat, whatever ceremony lay in store began. The lights awkwardly installed high overhead dimmed and a spotlight was thrown on the stage. Another illuminated a woman walking among the tables before the stage in a golden gown. It shimmered as she moved and sparkled like it was made of starlight.

The woman was taller than all around her; taller than anyone Alice had ever seen. She had bright, almost white eyes and black hair which fell to her shoulders. When she strode towards the stage, Alice took an involuntary step back. The woman noticed and smiled with a mouth full of bright, white fangs all in a row as if they had been stolen from a shark.

“Welcome, Ms. Glass, to Castle Supernatural,” the woman thundered in a voice that had no use for a microphone. “We are very thankful for your decision to join us. I am Reine Mira, and I lead our merry band of misfits in this castle.”

Her comment got some laughs from the audience, and she waited until they had died down to continue. “While our recruitment methods for surrogates have become, admittedly, less conventional we still wish to honor you as we can, Ms. Glass,” Reine said. “As the world presses in on the supernatural on all sides and seeks to suppress us at every turn, the opportunity to invite a human to carry our next generation is a rarity. We hope we may honor the trust you have put in us.”

Alice found her throat caught a hold of anything she tried to say and held it back, so she only nodded and did her best attempt at a curtsy. For her part, Reine seemed to enjoy the attempt and clapped her hands. “Now, Ms. Hart, you have been instructed on what you must do this evening?” Reine asked.

Mercury carefully nodded, then answered, “I have, ma’am.”

“Then you may proceed if Ms. Glass gives you her approval.”

Beneath the bright light on them both, Mercury took Alice’s hand in her own and raised it to her chest. “Will you do me the honor of bearing my children?”

Every eye fell to Alice. She looked Mercury in the eyes and did not hesitate. “Absolutely,” she said. “Whatever happens, I have a far better future here than any place else.”

“Then lay back on top of me and we will begin,” Mercury said. In one motion she slid off Alice’s cape and let it fall to the stage floor. “You can trust me, I will not hurt you.”

Alice turned to face the crowd and Reine while letting her legs give out so she could fall back into Mercury’s waiting arms. Compared to the gentle touches before, Mercury’s grip on her was like iron, and there was no fear of Alice falling further.

Mercury’s hands, freed of their timidness, snaked down Alice’s midsection and towards her belly. There, her nails raked over the patterns painted on Alice’s skin. Whatever she did to them, the marks began to glow and heat, causing Alice to gasp.

The hands continued on their journey and cupped Alice’s crotch in one hand. The warmth spread down as well, enough that Alice’s cock began to raise itself to attention. Mercury not only didn’t stop it but encouraged her erection, stroking Alice’s hardness between her fingers. Alice squirmed in Mercury’s gasp and whined, but there was nothing she could do about the way her girldick eagerly stood at attention.

When Alice had reached full mast, Mercury changed tactics. Her fingers reached up Alice’s shaft and pressed against the sensitive head. The moans bubbling up in Alice’s throat were cut short as she felt her cock, impossibly, begin to fold under the pressure. Like a fire lit between her legs, Alice cried out as Mercury began to push her penis back in. The symbols on her stomach were glowing so bright that Alice couldn’t see beyond them to what Mercury was doing, only feel it.

She felt the way her girldick folded inward as if it were a jack in the box, and how the feeling of her balls hanging between her legs receded. There was a feeling like she came, but it emanated from every point on her body besides her crotch. The pain and pleasure mix caused Alice to double over, and Mercury had to dedicate her free hand to keeping Alice from landing on the stage floor.

At last Mercury’s hand met the base of Alice’s crotch and the burning subsided. The great, yawning lack between her legs caused Alice’s knees to buckle and she fell fully to the floor. Thankfully the blankets and pillows there softened her fall. She attempted to get up on her own, failed, and rolled over on her back.

Without the harsh glow, Alice was amazed to find that where a rigid girlcock had been was now, incredibly, a vagina. She reached down, grasping for it like she were looking in a cruel funhouse mirror. When her hands drifted over its—no, her—clit, Alice shivered. It was, somehow, real and very much hers.

Mercury offered Alice help standing up. “Now you see why the parts you have aren’t necessary to joining,” she said. “How does it feel?”

“Like a dream,” Alice said, doing her best to wipe at her eyes rapidly filling with tears. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything.” Mercury kissed Alex’s cheek and giggled. “Just allow me the honor of giving you my child, if you so consent.”

Alice kissed Mercury back on the lips. “I do,” she said.

Some in the audience let out audible gasps and what Alice hoped were sounds of affection. Mercury carefully undid the cord keeping her robe together and slid it from her shoulders to drop to the floor. While Alice had gained a vagina, Mercury had gained a bed of thick, black hair across her arms, legs, stomach, and chest. Her soft girldick was gone and replaced with something far more animalistic, pink, and throbbing with a knotted bulge at the end.

Mercury reached for Alice and lifted her off the ground without trouble. Alice’s legs dangled in the air while Mercury positioned her over the large, dripping member and began to slide her down. Alice’s new cunt opened and eagerly took in Mercury’s slick cock while Alice curled her toes and pressed her face into Mercury’s fur.

The fur on the beastling woman’s chest was soft and its smell thick with need. Alice could feel Mercury grow and change around her while she took inch after inch of dripping dick into her pussy. Mercury grew taller and her arms bulged into something closer to paws that gripped Alice’s round ass and gave it a nice slap. Alice was embarrassed how much it made her moan like a wild animal.

Once Alice had reached the base of Mercury’s cock, not counting the knot below, Mercury began to bounce her up and down on her member. Alice’s face burned. Her cunt was dripping wet and the sound it made when it hungrily took thrust after thrust of beastling cock was the loudest in the room. Alice could only imagine the way she looked, naked and filled before the crowd while Mercury used her like a sex toy.

Mercury’s new throbbing member was so large that Alice’s clit rubbed against it with every motion. Each time she was thrust upward, Alice whined and shook in Mercury’s grasp. Claws dug into her back and each drop of blood was met with twice as much wetness from her cunt dripping to the floor.

When her orgasm came, Alice wasn’t ready for it. She didn’t just cry out, she screamed as if she’d been shot. Her arms and legs shook while she wrapped both against Mercury’s bestial body and held on. Pulses of desire and ecstasy pumped up through Alice’s spine and spread through her body. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes, but still Mercury pumped her cock into Alice’s shaking cunt faster and faster. She could only imagine the way her round ass looked to the crowd, jiggling with each of Mercury’s thrusts.

Alice’s scream was met with a howl from Mercury. The woman, the beast, grabbed Alice on each side with claws that sank deep into her skin and shoved her down on the thick knot lying at the base of Mercury’s cock. It wrenched itself inside, spreading Alice’s pussy every which way and giving her something else to moan about. Its thickness was far more than anything Alice had ever had inside her, but her new body welcomed and embraced the pain like an old lover.

Cum flowed into Alice’s cunt sticky and hot, pumping in her as needily as Mercury had been. It flowed deep into Alice and lit up the belly sigils once more, each one a different color. Alice saw stars, galaxies, everything at once. She slumped into Mercury’s embrace and let the woman seed her new womb. As far as Alice cared, her body belonged to the beast of a woman wrapped around her. She welcomed her cum and the children it would bring, panting and calling out affirmations of love for Mercury. If the beastling understood, she gave no indication, instead only petting Alice’s back.

Excited murmuring came from the audience. Alice couldn’t see, with her head still to Mercury’s chest, but she could feel the way that the room’s mood changed to one of celebration. Harley and Reine came up and both began rubbing Alice’s back and petting her head and making excited noises.

“You did perfectly, Alice!” Harley exclaimed. “I haven’t seen a ceremony so successful in ages.”

Reine ruffled Alice’s hair. “You did well, Ms. Glass,” she said. “Thank you for the gift you have given us this night.”

While they talked, Mercury lowered herself to the bedding below and rested on her side, letting Alice look up towards the others. With Mercury’s cock still embedded firmly inside her, Alice could do little to move, but she didn’t mind.

“So I really did it, I’m going to have a baby?” she asked at last, looking up at the older women above.

“Yes, if tonight was any indication you will certainly bear Mercury a healthy litter,” Reine said, bowing her head. “We will help you through every step in the process, of course.”

Alice touched a hand to Mercury’s chest. After all the excitement, the beastling woman had fallen asleep. Her animalistic body and long, snouted head rose and fell with each breath. Alice gave her a kiss right over her heart.

“Will I be having kids for others here, or just with Mercury?” she asked in a small voice.

Harley and Reine looked at each other, then back to Alice. “As your pack mother, it will be my job to help you give birth and figure what comes after,” Harley said. “This is the beginning of a long journey for you, and the rest can wait. For tonight, I suggest you enjoy yourself and a job well done.”

Reine pulled a blanket over them both, and Alice wrapped it tight around herself. She opened her mouth, shut it again, then nodded. “I can do that,” she said. “I think I’m going to like it here.”

“Wonderful!” Reine crowed, and gave Mercury’s side a pat. “We will leave you here. Rest well, and let us care for you.”

While the two older women went to attend to the gathered supernaturals, Alice smiled and looked down at Rein. She patted her belly. Mercury still throbbed inside her, but it was no longer a primal sensation; it was, instead, the beating heart of the life they would share. Alice closed her eyes and curled herself up closer to her beastling breeder. It was a good night, and for that Alice was finally, truly happy.